Are You A Breadwinner Mommy who is constantly feeling like there's not enough of you to go around? It's time to integrate your work-family life with less stress and more fun!

(You can have it all, do it all and enjoy it all.  But first - what is YOUR "it?"  This book will give you insight into your "it" through humorous stories and quick easy to read chapters jam-packed with ideas and strategies.)

* Replace guilt with a sense of confidence and trust in the
decisions you make in all areas of your life.
* Prioritize self care so that you can feel more appreciated 
for all you do.
* Easily let go of anger and stress so you have more room
for clear thinking and action.
* Build your ability to be "present" so that you feel like
you're giving your "all" where ever you are.

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What People Are Saying:

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    Kathi Kamen Goldmark

    Co-author of “Write That Book Already: The Tough Love You Need to Get Published Now”

    Well written, imaginative, inclusive, this is a book for anyone and everyone with too much to do.

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    Tracey Larson


    Whether it's down to earth stories of a mom's life or practical advice on how to keep it all together, Jamee is a delight to read.

  • Joscelyn Ramos Campbell

    President, Mami Innovative Media LLC

    As a military wife, mother and owner of a consulting business, I appreciate Jamee's valuable insights on real life issues.  Her articles on parenting, marriage and work-life balance are directly in tune with today's modern women.  Jamee's writing is refreshingly honest and is relatable to any reader.  I highly recommend her expertise as a must-have resource.

So What’s The Book About?

You, of course!  This book is about you feeling like you are doing everything right as opposed to feeling like you are never doing enough.  This book is about making simple changes in your daily habits that will increase your time and energy so you can enjoy your family more.  It's about you noticing your relationships at home and work improving, because you are improving your relationship with yourself.  And this is about you learning to see challenges in a new light so you can make significant changes instantly.

Take A Peek Inside The Book

You'll learn strategies and solutions to:

  1. Have more time for those projects you never get around to doing (or figure out how you can cross them off your list foreve!!)
  2. Take better care of yourself so that you have the energy to be your best self at work and at home.
  3. Let go of anxiety and guilt because its not good for your health and it creates wrinkles (need I say more?)
  4. Feel great about the work you do in the world because you have the time to give it your best.
  5. Have lots more fun because life is short and you deserve to enjoy it all.

A Word From The Author

As a working mother of three and a professional coach for working mothers, I have experienced the ups and downs of work/life integration.

But here is what I have learned from my own experience and 11 years working with clients just like you:

  • Motherhood requires “on the job training.”
  • As soon as you become an expert, the job changes.
  • The joy far exceeds the challenges...

You deserve it all and I am committed to helping YOU enjoy and appreciate the incredible life that you have created – one that includes work, family and friends. 

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